Covey Clubs

Covey Club Day began so the faculty, students, and staff at Pearl Haskew Elementary could Begin with the End in Mind. The purpose for all clubs is to reinforce the 7 Habits and prepare for our Annual Leadership Day. Every student at Pearl Haskew Elementary has the opportunity to be involved in one Covey Club per month. Lighthouse Members placed each student in one of their top 5 club choices. Each Covey Club developed a mission with input from all club members. These mission statements are displayed in the front hall.

Covey Clubs:

Choir, Dance, Drama, Cheerleading, Multicultural, CSI (Cool Science Investigation), Gardening, Arts & Crafts, Sports (Basketball, Soccer, Golf), Recycling, Photography, Journalism/School Newspaper

Upper Grades- The following Covey Clubs are for students in 3rd - 5th grade:

Knightly News and Student Council.

**Some of these Covey Club members applied and interviewed for certain positions in the club. The leadership teams (Student Lighthouse and Student Council) also required applications and the students were elected by their peers.